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Delivery Enquiries

1. Is Slowcook Solutions delivery free of charge?

Slowcook Solutions provides free delivery for each order above HK$800. For any order that does not meet minimum order value, an additional charge will be imposed.(refer to Delivery)

2. How does the courier company deliver my order? 

Your orders will be delivered by the team from Professional Gourmet Delivery with temperature controlled vehicles in adhering to strict food safety standards. All orders are delivered directly to your designated locations within Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

3. What are the general home delivery time slots? / What time do you deliver?

Delivery services are available from Mondays to Fridays. For more details, please refer to the Delivery section of Slowcook Solutions’ website.

4. Where do you deliver in Hong Kong?

Delivery service is available for Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and certain remote areas. 

5. When will I receive my order?

We deliver from Mondays to Fridays, except for public holidays. After placing an order, our Customer Service Representatives will be in touch via WhatsApp to further confirm your availability regarding the delivery. For more details, please refer to Delivery on our website.

6. Under what temperature does the company keep the product during delivery?

Professional Gourmet Delivery temperature controlled vehicles maintains a -18°C environment throughout the delivery journey.

7. Can I give an ATL (Authority to Leave) for my home delivery to my doorstep security/guard/concierge/domestic worker?

 Yes, the details of the receiver can be shared with our team during your check out process. We will also give you a call before delivery and you can let our delivery team know about the latest update. However, to ensure food safety and quality, our products should be placed in the freezer within 2 hours from pickup for future consumption or in the fridge for same day consumption.  

8. Can I change the delivery address and date for a confirmed order?

Yes. You can directly contact our Customer Service Representatives via WhatsApp 5210 0388. Rearrangement can only be accepted if the request is made 24 hours before delivery.

9. Any special delivery arrangement for bad weather condition?

For special delivery arrangement  under bad weather conditions, please refer to “Delivery” on our website.


Product Enquiries

1. What is Slow Cook (Sous Vide)?

Sous Vide, as known as “under vacuum”, is a cooking method that vacuum-sealing food in a bag and utilizes precise and regulated temperature control to deliver consistent quality of food. The products are cooked under low temperature with a long cooking time, maintain a tender and juicy texture, whilst keeping nutrients level high. More importantly, vacuum sealing techniques prevent vitamins and minerals lost during the cooking process. Our culinary experts have experimented with numerous trials in order to grasp the perfect sous vide time and temperature for each of the meat products sold at Slowcook Solutions. 

2. Where can I find the product information? 

Product ingredients and related information are shown on both product packaging and the website.

3. Are there any preservatives and antioxidants added to products? 

Our company truly values customers’ health, therefore we insist using all-natural ingredients in preparing our products. No chemicals and/or preservatives will be used in our products.

4. I have food allergy. How do I know which products I can safely eat?

All products are prepared in a facility where nuts, fish, soy beans, dairy products and gluten containing products were also handled. All ingredients used are also listed on the product labels on the back of the packaging, should you have any further questions please contact our customer service representatives.

5. Where can I find cooking instructions for your products?

Cooking instructions can be found on the back of the packaging or in the individual product pages within our website. 

6. How do you ensure quality of products?

We ensure customers only receive the best products by Slowcook Solutions, with attention to the below:

  • We carefully source raw ingredients from well trusted suppliers within the market.
  • Suppliers are regularly screened and tested before and during cooperation, to ensure stable performance and quality of supplies.
  • Our team of experts with vast experiences from five-star hospitality establishments to fine dining ensures quality and safety.

 7. How do you ensure product safety?

All products are prepared in licensed food factory; food safety and quality are strictly monitored.

  • Strict hygiene control
  • standard kitchen and product policy
  • Regular pest control
  • Professional fresh freezing technique of products
  • State-of-the-art cooking and storage equipment

 8. Is there any way / platform for customers to leave product feedback?

Please reach us via Whatsapp 5210 0388, email and/or Slowcook Solutions’ social media platforms.


Product Storage Enquiries

1. How long can I keep the food in the freezer?

The recommended storage time for unopened meat products is 1 month in the freezer while that for sauces is 2 weeks in the freezer.

2. How should I defrost the products properly?

Slowcook Solutions recommend the safest defrosting method is by placing products in refrigerator (around 3-4 degrees Celsius) for up to 8-10 hours.


Promotion Enquiries

1. How do I find special offers or promotions?

By signing up to our newsletter and following our social media (Facebook and Instagram), customers can receive up-to-date offers and promotions.

2. My Promo codes are not working?

If you encounter this issue, please directly contact our customer service representatives for assistance.

3. Why the total payment of my order is incorrect? 

If you encounter this issue, please directly contact our customer service representatives for assistance.


Payment Enquiries

1. Payment Methods

We support credit card payment of VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Shop Pay.

2. How to know if payment transaction is successful?

A “Order Confirmation” email will be sent to your registered email address when payment is completed.

3. It shows my transaction is failed, but I received a confirmation from the bank that the amount is being transferred.

Please directly reach our representatives via WhatsApp 5210 0388 or email to scs@lifestylefed.com


Order Enquiries

1. How do I amend / Cancel order?

Once payment is confirmed, our system will automatically begin the order processing and no cancellations can be accepted at this stage. For amendments of orders please contact our customer service representatives to assist you.  

2. How can I get an invoice for my order?

An “Order Confirmation” email will be sent to your registered email address when payment is completed. The list of your selected products will be embedded in the email.

3. Why my order was cancelled?

If you encounter this issue, please directly contact our customer service representatives for assistance. 

4. What can I do if I received wrong Item?

If you encounter this issue, please directly contact our customer service representatives for assistance.

5. How to return or exchange if the products are found defective?

If your products arrived damaged, please contact our Customer Service representatives with a photograph of the damaged items and mention your order number for our handling.

6. What can I do if items in my order are found missing?

If you encounter this issue, please directly contact our customer service representatives for assistance.

7. Can I return / refund my order?

All orders are non-returnable and non-refundable. Upon payment confirmation, the order is processed immediately and no cancellation can be arranged. For details, please refer to “Return or Cancellation Policy”.

8. Any special arrangement or discount for bulk buying?

For large quantities order over HK$5000, please contact our Customer Service Representatives via Whatsapp 5210 0388 for more information.