Simply Sear and Serve!

Enjoy delicious ready-in-minutes slow cooked dishes at home! Slowcook Solutions sources premium ingredients from around the world and prepares each portion one by one with carefully selected herbs and seasonings to create nutritious delicacies to be delivered to customers’ doorsteps. Simply sear and serve!


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60 Hours Sous Vide USDE Prime Beef Short Ribs

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About Slowcook Solutions

1 Hour Sous Vide US 1855 Black Angus Flank Steak

The flank steak is a lean and flat cut that is full of flavour and quite tender; making it perfect for sous vide, as the technique will ensure the steak is not over-cooked and becomes too tough.

1 Hour 30 Minutes Spanish IBERICO Pork Rack

Iberian Pigs are acorn fed and raised on a free-ranged outdoor farm; providing diners with intense and distinctive flavours along with a succulent texture.

1 Hour 30 Minutes Australian 5 Star French Cut Rack of Lamb

This Australian lamb rack is well known for its tender meat texture, with small amount of fat, just enough so there is a smooth meat texture, but not too much that it will make your mouth full of oil. Cooked by sous vide, the meat texture is preserved and the juice is kept within the meat.

Why Slowcook Solutions

Made in Hong Kong

Our products are freshly prepared in Hong Kong with strict control on food quality and safety at our fully licensed central kitchen.

Premium & Natural Ingredients

Our products contain no MSG, no preservatives and are made from 100% natural ingredients.

Easy preparation

Only simple techniques and equipment are required to be the next master home chef.